27 Curved Mag Bugpin

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Monster Kart bugpin curved magnums were designed specifically for black and grey tattoos! With their ultra-flexible long tapered needles, they are perfect for creating smooth gradients and seamless transitions. Designed to work with our standard medium tapered magnums for the ultimate black and grey experience. BOX OF 20.

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If you’re looking for the best needles for smooth black and grey shading, look no further than Monster Kart bugpin curved magnums. These needles are the ultimate choice for achieving a brush-like smoothness, thanks to their 304 stainless steel construction that provides unparalleled flexibility. Having tried numerous needle types, we can confidently say that these are the most superior for black and grey shading. At Monster Kreations we have taken the guesswork out of needle selection by designing needles that are specifically tailored to their purpose. It’s no surprise that so many artists are raving about how well these needles blend, as they’re quickly becoming the go-to choice for black and grey artists.


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